Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Big THANK YOU to TVT for the real truth!

Thank You TVT!
From the bottom of my Heart!

The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Verifiable Truth on who is buying influence in Barstow! TVT breaks with the TRUTH again!

It can be a bit overwhelming being on the front lines in the battle against the Barwest corruption. It is hard to sustain all the assaults by the Liar-in-Chief Tom Shields, Mayor Dale, and the entire BarWest Kool-Aid Club when you know they are vicious lies meant to smear you. I have been damaged and my business has suffered as a result. Their libel and slander has consequences and the damages include some despair over the whole experience. I always believe that the truth will eventually come out and in the meantime, having TVT tell the real truth goes a long way to feeling exonerated. Thank You so much TVT! Maybe now good people will recognize the truth and help us bring and end to the Barwest nightmare.

What they need to know is that they are really hurting the children that we are trying to help and protect. I moved to Barstow for the affordable housing for the children that we have taken on and adopted. There are a total of eight children that my wife and I have taken on that are children that are born into a nine month history of drug abuse. My children are but a sample of a couple million nation wide that the true victims of the failed 'war on drugs'. These children are mostly doomed to be living in perpetual foster care where they are likely to repeat the mistakes of their biological parents. My wife and I are the founders of the Earth Haven Foundations for Kids which is dedicated to finding adopted loving homes and together we are committed to ending this crisis and injustice toward children.

I support myself as a consultant in Economic Development, Project Management, Environmental and Natural Health Product Development, Publishing, and as a writer and a speaker.

These Barwest lies have hurt me financially and put my family and home at risk. But in a way, that is not as bad as the total climate of corruption that has hurt the entire community of Barstow economically and throught the loss of local democracy. Lots of Barstow citizens are barely getting by and desperately need the higher living standards that the hope of responsible, progressive development would bring. I know we can do better. Lots better but only if we take back our city from these corrupt politicians and the plague of the billionaire Detroit developers Barwest.

Having a distinguished 'whistle blowing' website like TVT and to whomever is dedicated enough to help expose the Barwest scandals and schemes, I really appreciate the recognition and the truth. I thank you! My kids thank you too!

Larry D. Halstead

Ps: Please support Ancestral Rights and Indian Sovereignty!

Here is the TVT Post!
Here is the Verifiable Truth!


BarWest’s Buying Political Influence in Barstow,
Make NO Mistake About That

Friday, September 14, 2007

2006 Barstow Political Cash
Detroit-based BarWest - $200,000
San Manuel Indian Tribe - $2,500

In Barstow recently, there has been much ado about a $2,500 contribution from the San Manuel Indian Tribe to Larry Halstead’s city council campaign in 2006.
It’s merely a BarWest/Dale smokescreen to divert attention away from the more than $200,000 spent by BarWest and directed by Mayor Lawrence Dale on Barstow political campaigns in 2006. And that does not include the more than $100,000 in court costs BarWest was ordered to pay when it tried to stop the re-call campaign of Paul Luellig and block voters from voting on the future of casinos in Barstow.

If you want to know why Mayor Lawrence Dale and his allies on the Barstow City Council won’t back any casinos other than those controlled by BarWest, take a look at the following political payments and campaign contributions made by the BarWest controlled political committee Barstow Citizens for Real Economic Development (BCRED). More than 93% of the approximately $200,000 spent by BCRED in 2006 was paid by BarWest principals, agents and their undisclosed partners (Las Vegas). And this doesn’t even include any gifts, business deals or contributions directly to the campaign committees of any of these officials.

Councilman Steve Curran
$3,883.50 efforts to support Curran for Council
$3,883.50 efforts opposing Gurule for Council

Councilman Tim Silva
$2705.97 Printing, Newspaper Ad
Councilwoman Julie-Hackbarth McIntyre
$874.31 Newspaper Ad (total cost of ad $2,622.93)

Former Councilwoman Gloria Darling
$2002.17 Desert Signs

Planning Commissioner Mike Lewis
$1,699.93 Printing Solutions
$794.55 Quigley’s Restaurant

Lint/Krommenhoek Families (Sean Lint, Stacey Krommenhoek, etc.)

Desert Dispatch

BarWest even had to pay the members of the Los Coyotes Indian Tribe to come to Barstow as “volunteers” for their political campaign. And yet, these same individuals criticize Larry Halstead for taking $2,500 from the San Manuel tribe toward his campaign for city council.

Chapparosa Family (Los Coyotes)

Kupsch Family (Los Coyotes)


And all the above represent the “known” payments to these elected officials, individuals and their companies that were required to be disclosed because they were funneled through the political committee BCRED. They don’t have to disclose anything paid to them directly from BarWest or its agents or their friends in Las Vegas who want to control the future of any Barstow casino.

In addition, there have been thousands in luxury jet travel, nights out on the town in Las Vegas, five course meals at the Four Seasons Hotel, tickets to sporting events, and lucrative land sales to family members that aren’t reported in the political campaign disclosures of these Barstow officials.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hackbarth Family land value dependent on future of Barwest property

Approximately six months before Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre was elected to the Barstow City Council and during the campaign to defeat Measure H, her parents managed to participate in a syndicate that purchased a 2.2 acre parcel on speculation from the estate of Marie DeChellis for $100,000.00. The property is close to the proposed BarWest casino site. Now the future value of the Hackbarth family property is dependent upon what happens to the nearby BarWest property -- Or what a prospective buyer thinks is going to happen to the BarWest property.

Read the whole story here

Curran family land value dependent on future of Barwest property

Just months before Steve Curran was elected to the Barstow City Council and during the campaign to defeat Measure H, his family sold approximately 15 acres of property to BarWest LLC for an undisclosed amount (likely $25,000-$50,000 per acre or more). His family and their partners own another 11.5 acres directly connected to the BarWest controlled property. The future value of their property is directly dependent upon what happens to the adjacent BarWest property -- Or what a prospective buyer thinks is going to happen to the BarWest property.

Read the Whole Story Here

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