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Chemehuevi Perspective on S.B Co. Supervisor Brad Mitzlefelt


From Havasu Lake 
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San Bernardino County
First District Supervisor
Brad Mitzlefelt 
From a:
Chemehuevi Perspective

From our informant:

Dear Sharon

“A Chemehuevi Indian has succeeded in life when he or she learns how to dream properly. Dreams are the central part of Chemehuevi life- essential to all types of people, whether a Windum, Warrior, Medicine man or Gambler.”
(Miller, The Chemehuevi indians, Interveiw with David Chavez 1967)

Brad does not live in the real world, but the real world has to live with Brad.

Let’s review how Brad treats his constituents:

1-Ignores Federal Law in favor of special relationship with Indian Gaming, this led to the deaths of five citizens,thousands of doped up kids and further enrichment of his Indian Gaming masters.

2-If you don’t have $50,000 to donate, and some times even if you do, Brad will not even speak to you in preference to Indian Gaming Dollars. (Havasu Water Co.)

3-Brad appointed and maintained a Violent Triple felon on a M.A.C. board at the behest of Indian Gaming interests.This continued for an entire year, after both Zook and Silva promised that the Felon would be removed.What was so important about maintaining a violent Felon on our board?

4-Brad has continued to maintain the Triple Felon’s wife as un-appointed secretary of our M.A.C. and allowed this individual to repeatedly obfuscate official County documents in an effort to shield her husband and Brad Mitzelfelt from scrutiny.

5- As of 9-2-10 Brad is himself failing to comply with Public Records Requests filed in attempt to bring some clarity to the sad situation that Brad has created at Havasu lake. In the recent past Brad took Eight months to fulfill a Previous Records request. This negligent attitude is S.O.P. at First District.

6-Brad has never seen fit to attend even one meeting of our M.A.C. meetings, a whole decade of neglect from First District, Brad cannot attend the meetings held under the auspices of his own office due to his special relationship with Indian Gaming. Brad’s representational duties to the town of Havasu Lake are far outweighed by his commitments to Indian Gaming interests here in San Bernardino County. If no conflict exists, then why the decade of no-shows?

Brad has never refuted the record of events at Havasu Lake, nor his special relationship with Indian Gaming, Brad’s silence speaks volumes.

P.S. What was Brad’s M.O.S.?

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