Friday, August 31, 2007

TheVerifiableTruth.Com Exposes the Tom Shields Blame Game

TVT Exposes the Tom Shields Blame Game

Ever since I first discovered a few months ago I have come to understand what a thorough professional job they have done tracking and uncovering details regarding BarWest and the Indian gaming issues in Barstow. It is obvious that they are also following me and my efforts to raise consciousness about Ancestral Rights and why BarWest should never be allowed to proceed with their Reservation Shopping projects here in Barstow.

Completely independent of the role that I have played in exposing BarWest in Barstow, has been doing much the same but in a highly thorough and comprehensive way, and with a much larger focus on the BarWest scams across the Nation and in their home town of Detroit, Michigan. In fact, they have done such a thorough job that you have to search their site for all of the stuff relating to just Barstow. Use the following link to do just that:

or cut and paste this URL:

Now that the CA compacts are in their final death throws, BarWest has dispatched Tom Shields in an all out sleazy smear campaign to attack any and all of those who would expose their questionable and corrupt practices. That obviously includes me on a local level and on the National level and always the tribes that Shields likes to slander as those pesky, “wealthy and greedy” tribes.

There isn’t much can do to those local tribes with real Ancestral Rights except call them names. But the ‘blame game’ for the failed compacts is levied at all that don’t roll over for Reservation Shopping. Recently, wrote a post exposing the BarWest ‘Blame Game’ and Smear Campaign. The piece they posted is entitled:

Tom Shields is so desperate he's manufacturing conspiracy theories to shift blame for Barstow failures somewhere else

The expose explains how it is “humorous or perhaps even pathetic to know that Ilitch spokesman and political operative Tom Shields is so desperate to find someone to blame for Ilitch's failure to produce a casino in Barstow the last six years that he's manufactured a big conspiracy theory that ties together the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians located in San Bernardino County, California; a Barstow citizen activist who TVT has featured on this blog once or twice; and that "full-time anonymous blogger" TVT. This is an all too frequent strategy for Shields when he has no where else to turn. Shields can't admit his clients' shortcomings or failures.”

The article goes on to identify three objects of Shield’s main focus on the current blame for the failure of their compacts here in Barstow: 1. San Manuel Band of Indians 2. Barstow Citizen Activist Larry Halstead and 3.

Here is what the TVT post says about me:

“Perhaps the loudest opponent of the Ilitch/Malik Barstow casino scheme is a local Barstow activist, Larry Halstead. Apparently Halstead is the chair of the local Democratic Club and he ran for Barstow City Council in 2006. It's quite obvious he wasn't one of the candidates that Ilitch/Malik backed with their $200,000 Barstow campaign budget in 2006. Rather, Halstead raised money from alternative sources and from what TVT has gathered the San Manuel Band of Indians contributed to his campaign. Needless to say, Halstead did not win his race for City Council given his modest campaign budget. Rather than address the numerous questions and concerns Mr. Halstead has raised about the Ilitch/Malik Barstow casino scheme, their spokesman Tom Shields has desperately taken to making personal attacks on Halstead. It's mostly based on hearsay. Because the San Manuel Tribe gave Halstead a campaign contribution, Shields has now stretched that acknowledged truth to accuse Mr. Halstead of being on the tribe's "payroll." TVT encourages Mr. Shields to document his claims with something other than his manufactured rumors! Perhaps Mr. Shields should first reveal who the anonymous donors to his $200,000 campaign fund really are. And then explain why 98% of his $200,000 budget had to come from people who don't live or work in the remote Mojave Desert community.”

Read the Whole Story Here: TheVerifiableTruth.Com

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