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My Commentary on the BarWest Media Blitzkrieg

As the desperate Detroit billionaire BarWest and their partners the Desperate Barstow Politicians Unleash Massive Media Campaign and all out Lobbying Effort

Emails, campaign adds on YouTube, and major lobbying efforts by Mayor Dale, Council Members Hackbarth-McIntire and Silva spreading their distortion, deception, and outright lies in Sacramento. The shameless sell out of our council as the pawns and puppets of BarWest is in full operation.

The Barstow City Council Lobbyist
for BarWest Scramble to State Capitol

King Dale, Prince Silva, and Princess Hackbarth of BarWest fantasyland are busy playing the role of pawns and puppets while they embarrass themselves in front of Sacramento Democrats that are wise to BarWest and not about to compromise their values in favor of these Republican Sell Outs!

Fresh after the recent outing of Mayor Lawrence Dale as the total pawn and spokesperson for the corrupt, right-wing BarWest corporate interest, by Councilman Joe Gomez at a ‘Special Meeting‘ of the Barstow City Council, a massive media campaign by billionaire Detroit Developer BarWest has the Mayor running off to Sacramento with fellow pawns and puppets, Julie Hackbarth McIntire and Tim Silva.

BarWest Pawn Mayor Dale

This BarWest project was a nonstarter all along

This was a nonstarter because Reservation Shopping is the worst violation of Ancestral Rights. Those are sacred rights that Native Americans have shed blood and life over a 250 year history. No matter what people think about gaming, Indian gaming has made major progress in lifting Native Americans our of dire poverty and able to empower them to have a seat at the table and bargain from a position of strength. As far as I am concerned we owe them so much more that this is still just a start of how we can restore these people and preserve their culture. This is why I am in this fight and for no other reason. I have fought hard for other issues involving civil rights and this feels no different in any way.

But Democrat leaders in Sacramento are intimately aware of the sacred nature of Ancestral Rights. They are aware of the strong opposition from the vast majority of Native Americans that are opposed to the threat of Reservation Shopping. Democrats know how Native Americans are a vital part of the core of our party’s base. Most importantly they know how Indian gaming as done much to raise the standard of living for Native Americans and empowered them with a voice at the table to protect their Ancestral Rights from greedy developers, governors, and sell out politicians like we have in Barstow.

BarWest Partners

BarWest had to work over time to find anyone willing to author the last compact bill. After speaking with Senator Ashburn’s office, it was disclosed to me by his staff that the Senator doesn’t really support the idea of Indian gaming in Barstow. He has his arm twisted into authoring the bill only because he believes that it should be decided at the local level and he bought the BarWest lie that 81% of the Barstow residents support these compacts. Still even he was convinced that they would fail even as he reluctantly agreed to author the bill.

BarWest was only able to get Senator Pat Wiggins [D- Santa Rosa] to sign on after contributing thousands of dollars to her campaign. She too has been total lacking in her support her signature on the bill. She has done little or nothing to move the bill along and she predicted the bills failure weeks ago. Nonetheless, as a Democrat she should be held accountable for taking BarWest money and then joining the attack against the Ancestral Rights of local legitimate tribes. She should be ashamed and retract her support sooner rather than later.

Governor’s Signature wasn’t ever worth Squat

Before the governor’s signature was yet dry, BarWest, the Los Coyotes, Mayor Dale, his puppets Tim and Julie, along with the entire BarWest Kool-Aid Club of Barstow have constantly parroting the same phrase over and over again like trained monkeys. “It is the ONLY compact that has the signature of the governor.” Ever since the first chanting of that BarWest mantra, I have been pointing out to the Council that the governor’s signature wasn’t worth the wrapper on a stick of gum. I keep trying to educate them on Poli Sci 101 that if the legislature has to ratify these compacts and the legislature is dominated by Democrats then it is NEVER, NEVER going to happen.

Now we find out from the city’s own lobbyist (a solid member of the Kool-Aid club) Nick Medeiros, in a memo dated August 22, 2007 that the blame for the failure is being laid in large part to the total “lack of interest on the part of the governor”.

So the number one argument in why everyone should drink some Kool-Aid and then line up to support these corrupt Detroit billionaire schemes to assault the Ancestral Rights of local legitimate tribes, turns out to be crumbling into the reality that the signature never represented anything more that a total “lack of interest on the part of the governor.” Such a sting of lies, deception, and distortion of the truth should NEVER be rewarded with the ratification of these fatally flawed compacts. I trust in the strong values and experience from Democrats in Sacramento to see through this extreme case of attempted Reservation Shopping.

Sacramento Democrats Protecting Ancestral Rights Against Reservation Shopping from Greedy Developers and Corrupt Barstow Council

And so far, Democrats in Sacramento (except Senator Pat Wiggans) have not disappointed me. They have stood with the sanctity of Ancestral Rights and against the threat of Reservation Shopping. Chairman Wood of the Chemehuevi Tribe was reporting to the Barstow City Council on August 20 regarding a recent trip he had made to the State’s capitol in Sacramento. After meeting with members of the Democratic and Republican Caucuses, the Governor’s office, and members of the two Government Organization Committees, he was told that there was ZERO support for the failed BarWest compacts and that not only was nobody talking seriously about their passage but that it didn’t even qualify as idle chatter in the hallways.

The Government Organization (G. O.) Committees

In the legislative process, the Senate Government Organization Committee and the Assembly Government Organization Committee are the two gate keeper committees that are designed to vet the issues involved in state bills and decide whether they are worthy to be passed on to the legislature at large for ratification.

Senator Florez

Assemblyman Horton

The Chair of the Assembly G.O. Committee, Assemblyman Jerome Horton and Senator Dean Florez, Chair of the Senate G.O. Committee were both brilliant in their handling of these compacts when they came in front of their respective committees.
They saw through the hypocrisy of BarWest arguments and exposed the BarWest schemes of Reservation Shopping. In the end, these compacts were killed by the principals of Ancestral Rights that protect Native Americans from the deceit campaigns of the greedy Detroit billionaire developers.
While the compacts were going through these committees, I made a point of making contact with members of the two G.O. Committees and sending them the relevant information about the BarWest corruption and influence peddling in Barstow.

Last October, just before the November elections, I personally met with Assembly Member Gloria Negrete McLeod, who was on the Assembly Government Organization Committee as the BarWest Compacts were being heard. At that time, she had just received a $2100 campaign contribution from BarWest partner Michael Malik. I wanted to make sure that she was aware of the true right-wing nature of this greedy Detroit billionaire developer. She was not personally aware of the contribution but she was emphatic in letting me know that nobody was going to buy her vote. Furthermore, she confided to me that it was all a mute point because in her words: “members of the G.O. Committee were on to BarWest and were not about to be duped by their tactics”. In other words, these compacts were dead back then and that’s the way they were going to stay - dead and buried.

Assembly Member
Gloria McLeod

Tom Shields, the ‘Carl Rove’ of the BarWest Nightmare in Barstow

The new campaign, which has been secretly in the planning stages for the past several months, was unfurled in a media blitz and all out lobbying effort on the part of these sell-out politicians that have been bought and paid for by BarWest. The comprehensive strategy operation is the work of the chief spin doctor Tom Shields who serves as the ‘Carl Rovian’ mastermind behind BarWest campaigns across the country.

The Liar-in Chief for BarWest is also the bullshit artist behind the anti “Measure H Hurts Barstow” campaign, the distorted, deceptive campaign election of Council Members Julie and Tim and the fantasy campaign of ‘Keep Hope Alive’ that these long dead compacts ever stood a snow ball’s chance in hell of ever being passed.

BarWest Spin Doctor

'Shady Shields'

More recently, ‘Shady Shields’ is the liar who is also master minding the attack against me with a smear campaign to silence me. He said that I tied to extort him into giving me a bunch of money to keep me from going to “the other side”. In a lifetime of fighting for social justice, I am used to dealing with slime like him. What saddens me and makes me angry is that he has played on human greed to bring dishonor upon the Los Coyotes.

Conflict of Interest not a problem for Barstow Politicians -
They live in BarWest fantasy land

The extensive Conflict of interest involved in these shameless politicians, having had their campaigns run by Tom Shields and financed largely by BarWest has NEVER given them a restless night nor dampened their assault on the sacred Ancestral Rights of local legitimate tribes, especially the Chemehuevi. While these Barstow politicians are behind the false allegations of me being a being a paid hack for “the other side”, they make it obvious that there is something in it for them that goes way beyond being given a seat on the council. Their zealous attitude in dropping all other business to run up to Sacramento at the smallest snap of the fingers from BarWest has made them totally transparent that their blind loyalty is light years above any possible real concern for the citizens of Barstow.

BarWest Stooge
Council Member Silva

It begs the question of how much it cost to get a politicians to violate those sacred Ancestral Right of local tribes such as the Chemehuevi. The Native American Heritage Commission is now calling for Attorney General Jerry Brown to get involved. It is way past time for and investigation by his office along with the U. S. Attorney’s Office and the Public Integrity office of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. And yet these guys are blatantly demonstrating that they have no shame and that their greed will get them running at a moments notice.

BarWest Stooge

Council Member McIntire

This thing is going to DIE a fitting DEATH big time and now these guys are up in Sacramento lobbying as if they were high paid pawns on the BarWest payroll. And they wonder why this town has a history of being economically depressed or why we are the laughing stock of everyone in the real world. Tim and Julie have ZERO qualifications or background that would ever equip them to serve as effective leaders of the people, much less to live up to the promise that BarWest sold them in their campaign literature as “The Turn Around Team”.

Larry Dale, Julie (Del Taco) Hackbarth-McIntire, and Silva have some explaining to do about the details of what’s in it for them. Nobody is so stupid as to believe that you would make yourself vulnerable for indictment, recall, or other prosecution just because you think it is ok to commit gross violations of Ancestral Rights with the most extreme example of the evil of Reservation Shopping to ever be proposed anywhere. Larry, Julie, and Tim, you need to know that everyone in Sacramento is laughing at you playing the role of puppet and pawn for BarWest.

It is time for the truth to come out!
It is Time for Investigations,
Recalls and Indictments!

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